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Tell me…

Tell me… Do you have any complaints or concerns regarding the compliance with the Policies or issues related to the work duties of an employee? You may contact the Compliance Office of the Group or the Compliance representative at OTEAcademy:

You may also send a letter to ΟΤΕΑcademy, addressed to the Compliance representative.

Tell me – Confidentiality

The “TELL ME” process is based on the principle of confidentiality. The identity of the individual making a complaint is not disclosed unless there are serious reasons to do so as well as in extraordinary cases, but always following the explicit consent of the whistleblower.

Any complaints about violations of legal nature or other wrongdoing can be made anonymously.

Compliance representatives treat complaints in a confidential and sensitive manner, by fulfilling all necessary requirements.

There are no repercussions for individuals raising concerns about wrongdoing, with the exception of cases of malicious allegations.

Compliance Officers have the right to access records and relevant documents of Operations divisions in order to investigate a complaint.

Tell me – Personal data

Within the framework of the “Tell ME” process, OTE may proceed with processing personal data of both employees and individuals who put forward the complaint solely for the purposes of the whole investigative process.

Subjects of the data may exercise their briefing, access and objections rights, according to articles 11 to 13 of the Law 2472/1997, by filing a relevant written request to the corresponding Compliance Office.

Recipients of the data may include the competent officers of the Compliance Office of OTE Group or/and other operational Offices of OTEAcademy that, within the framework of their duties, may be handling the complaints submitted through the Tell Me process. In addition, the BoD of OTEAcademy may be recipients of the data.

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