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  • OTE Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

The Code of Ethics & Business Conduct is a summary of the principles of OTE and forms a concise guideline of business conduct. It attempts to set a minimum framework of rules within which employees will exercise their lawful business duties without any outside influence.

  • Code of Conduct for the Protection of Individual’s right to privacy in the handling of personal data within OTE Group

This Code aims at establishing a high and uniform level of protection of personal data for employees, customers and shareholders of OTE Group, as well as of the privacy of communications.

  • Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers

The Code constitutes a declaration of principles and values that define the manner in which employees at the financial operations of the Group ought to conduct themselves on a daily basis.

  • Whistleblowing Policy

This policy deals with specific concerns that may include infringement of OTE Group policies, procedures or/ and the applicable law (e.g. incompliance with Code of Ethics & Business conduct, matters concerning Sarbanes-Oxley, financial statements, employee relations, abuses, discrimination, corruption, theft, money laundering, any misconduct that could harm the reputation of the company or any attempt to conceal all the above.)

  • Policy on Acceptance and Offering of Corporate Gifts

This Policy provides a description of the rules and regulations of conduct with regard to the acceptance and offering of gifts, rewards and any other benefits in business dealings which apply to all employees.

  • Policy on Donations and Sponsorships

The Policy on Donations and Sponsorships of OTE Group sets guidelines in how to deal with sponsorship and donation requests.

  • Policy on Organizing Corporate Events

The policy on Organizing Corporate Events outlines the basic terms, principles and ethical rules that must be applied during the planning, implementation and attendance of events.

  • Fraud Policy

Fraud Policy is established to facilitate the development of controls that will aid in the detection and prevention of fraud against OTE Group companies.

  • Policy on Abuse on Insider Information

The Policy on abuse of privileged information sets the rules for non-abuse of privileged information from management of OTE and regulates the manner of transaction, acquisition or disposal of financial instruments of OTE.

  • Policy for the Prevention of Conflict of Interests & the Management of Corruption

The Policy for the Prevention of Conflict of Interests & the Management of Corruption defines the term of Conflict of Interest within OTE Group and determines the rules and actions for the prevention and combating of corruption.

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