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Mimicking the brain, in silicon

New computer chip models how neurons communicate with each other at synapses.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — For decades, scientists have dreamed of building computer systems that could replicate the human brain’s talent for learning new tasks.

MIT researchers have now taken a major step toward that goal by designing a computer chip that mimics how the brain’s neurons adapt in response to new information. This phenomenon, known as plasticity, is believed to underlie many brain functions, including learning and memory.

Text Messaging

Some 83% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project asked those texters in a survey how they prefer to be contacted on their cell phone and 31% said they preferred texts to talking on the phone, while 53% said they preferred a voice call to a text message. Another 14% said the contact method they prefer depends on the situation.

Search and email still top the list of most popular online activities

Search and email remain the two online activities that are nearly universal among adult internet users, as 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Web, and a similar number (92%) use email. Since the Pew Internet Project began measuring adults’ online activities in the last decade, these two behaviors have consistently ranked as the most popular, even as new platforms, broadband and mobile devices continue to reshape the way Americans use the internet and web.

1st Annual DEFCON Kids

The 1st Annual DEFCON Kids was held August 6-7, 2011 at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. DEFCON Kids was part of DEFCON 19 , the largest hacker gathering in the world.

Thanks to everyone who came out and was part of the 1st DefCon Kids!!! It was awesome and everyone had a great time and learned a ton. Good news, we just learned that there will be a DEFCON Kids 2 next year (July 28-29, 2012)!!!

Please check back often because we will be updating info on all of the talks and competitions.

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